Solving beautiful [marketing] problems

When most people think marketing services, consultancies or agencies, they think one (or all) of the following: expensive, graphic design, website design or social media services. Not us.

We think about accessible, usable, considered marketing strategy and how that will inform a strong marketing plan. A plan that becomes a platform for growth, over and over again.  We think research into new markets & industries. We think business structure and business goals. We think business owners.

We think about the lives of our clients and how we might help them achieve whatever it is they’re going for – profit, passion, being a change agent or our personal favourite, improving their work-life balance.

The Marketing Lab is a confluence of all those things.


As marketers it would be remiss of us not to practice what we preach. We’ve designed a business that attends to all our ideals and goals for us and for our clients.

Our story comes from knowing that we have to drive a profit (obvious and unavoidable). But never at the expense of accessibility.

Our story reflects our deep passion for what we do and the people we work with.

It’s about being a change agent, with the goal of making marketing as fundamental and accessible to New Zealand small businesses as we can.

And the heart of what we do is centred on work-life balance. For us this is expressed in the ability to pick up the kids after school, to have time to follow dreams during the week, to walk in the great outdoors on a Friday, to start a magazine, to be ambitious both within and outside of our work day. We know we’re better marketers if we give ourselves space to be creative.

We set the direction  for the marketing and then built these ideas out as the foundation on which The Marketing Lab sits. The platform our brand is built on. The heart that drives every single communication we put out, the price we charge, the position we take and so much more.


When we looked around we realised how much ‘marketing advice’ was out there but how little advice was tailored and relevant to individual small businesses in New Zealand.

We kept being told about clients engaging ‘experts’ who would either consult with no action or act with no consultation. Too often it felt like walking into an expensive restaurant where the chef was absent and the patrons were paying to prepare and cook their own flambe duck, with no recipe to follow, or instructions on how to start.

Some businesses were just getting on with it: succeeding through grit, determination, trial and error. But many others we met were struggling from one season to the next, throwing good marketing dollars after bad, wondering why the advertising spend wasn’t meeting their objectives.

It’s those struggling or stuck who find their way to us.  They come with what we like to call a beautiful problem.

Sometimes that problem is as simple as trying to work out if the quote they had for a website or a logo design is value for money or not. How to implement the recommendations they got from a Google expert.

Sometimes it’s more complex. Maybe it’s looking at a name change after a very long time in business to meet a changing, fast paced market. Developing a new product. Setting up systems to help scale. Or maybe it’s taking a new idea and helping to shape it and nurture it to launch.

At The Marketing Lab, marketing isn’t just promotion or advertising. Those are the pretty wrappers. We love pretty wrappers but first we’re interested in what makes a business hum, tick and gurgle.

We’re interested in setting up a brand story, the support systems, the communication streams, the messaging, the steps for you to follow – all of it – once. Just once.  Then, when you engage experts to help you execute the thinking we do together, not only is the brief  elevated but the response is too.

What we know – and have seen over the many years of doing this – is that when you spend time looking at what you want (or hope) to be known for as a business (and a brand), the results you get are that much better.

We don’t promise big returns. We’ll never offer you  1000% more fans in three days or 775% increase in margins. We’re not about blunt solutions like price hikes or flashy discount led campaigns.

We do promise a solid thoughtful foundation of marketing knowledge, considered planning to meet your business and brand goals now (and into the future) and creativity that will set you apart.

We created The Marketing Lab for every New Zealand business to succeed. Talk to us if you’ve got a beautiful (marketing) problem that you want to solve.



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