Marketing advice is everywhere these days.

And if you sell more than just a standard widget, none of that advice is tailored for your business.

So if you are chasing your tail, spending heaps and not getting more returns, it’s probably time you had a look at what we can offer.


The strongest brands, best campaigns, most successful product launches and longest lasting businesses all started with a strong marketing strategy and a solid plan. We know because we’ve been there.

To get to the fun stuff (creating pretty logos, websites and ads), first, you need to work on the fundamentals.


Marketing is generally designed around the “P’s”: price, product, position, promotion, packaging, placement, processes…and on it goes.

This is exactly where we start.

Every decision you make will impact your bottom line. We ensure those decisions make a positive impact from the start.


A strong plan that shows you where to go and teaches you how to get there.

We identify your unique story and help you turn that into compelling marketing and copy.

Then we work with you to take your brand to market using the right media, for the right reasons, at the right price.


Knowing who you are and how to take your product to market is one thing. Knowing how to structure your systems for success – that’s another.

We’ll help identify the systems you need to run your own marketing (from sales funnels, to social media tools, to CRM automation), saving you time and amplifying your precious marketing dollar.


Through the fundamentals, we set you up to succeed with or without us.

However often our clients value having experienced marketers take their brand and ideas to market alongside them.

We have a team of professionals that sub-contract to us as we need them (this keeps our overheads low too). They’re tried and tested  – developers. graphic designers, desktop publishers, videographers, photographers, printers, copywriters, SEO specialists and more. They’re some of the best in the business.

We manage the project, keep it on track and report to you regularly.

With The Marketing Lab, you’ll get to market better.


Outcomes, not just services. We build strong flexible brands that stand the test of time. Do it once & do it right.

Only what’s needed. We only do work that actually needs doing.

Quite frankly, it’s your business and we work on it as if it is ours. We speak up and work as a team. For your benefit.

Priced as a oncer! We price as if we may never cross paths again. This is because we aim to empower you with plans, a story and tools to take your business forward.