Make it a merry Christmas.

Jolly ol’ Saint Nick is just around the corner. Do you have your promotional activities sorted?

Between today (Oct) and the 25th December, there are mere weeks before school is out, before Christmas parties begin and the apocalyptic panic of how-will-we-get-everything-done-and-see-everyone-we-love-before-the-25th!?!

In New Zealand of course Christmas also signals the beginning of a long, lazy summer.

It’s a glorious time of year for many. Yet for those servicing holiday makers, life can become very hectic indeed. There’s last minute scrambling to meet customer needs and businesses can find themselves shouting get people in the door.  It’s no wonder so many in the hospitality, food, tourism and transport sectors become so frazzled while the rest of us tan.

Is there any hope? 

The punters will come. And that’s a good thing. But, from about Dec 1 through to Jan 30th, what you won’t have time for is planning:

  • Working out how to build in efficient systems to respond to customer requests;
  • How to be present and active on social media without being glued to your device 24/7;
  • How to capture orders;
  • Create campaigns;
  • Make changes to your website….

It can all feel a bit hopeless and reactive and somehow we grit and bear it. But here’s the thing, you don’t need do grit and bear. There’s actually a very simple answer. It’s called November.


Yes, November. Use it to plan – not just which products or services and how you’ll staff your business over the silly season – plan your promotions and your processes.

Have a think about all the moments last summer when you thought – golly, that could have gone better. And then plan to avoid those moments.

Work up a list of all the marketing effort you think you might need between now and the end of January and decide how you are going to execute.

  • Do you need to invest in a social media management tool?  Or even better pay a social media manager? Have you set up automated responses on social media for those times when you just can’t get to messages?
  • Does your website reflect your holiday offerings? Have you tested your systems?
  • Do you need to design 3 options for campaigns now so that you can choose to roll them out if you need them?
  • How can digital marketing – like SEO, Google or social advertising, email marketing – help you achieve your goals?
  • Do you need to look at online ordering forms, blogs and newsletter content today – and preplan all that work so it’s done now and not when you are under pressure?

We work on the idea that if you tick off one or two bit of your Christmas marketing plan every week between now and Dec 1, you’ll likely find yourself in a much more comfortable place.

The Christmas period has enough ‘pressures’ – squaring away your promotional activities and Christmas processes early will give you more time to do what you do, drink and be merry and hopefully, add a bit of lazing around to your to-do’s this summer.

If you need a bit of advice or help organising your summer promotional activity, drop us a line. Sometimes it’s as easy as a short workshop – we’ll meet, talk and then produce you a step by step guide and to-do list specific to your business.

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