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Time to examine your core

Even when times are good, it’s hard to stay the course, or “stick to your knitting”. So how on earth do you respond when there's both a pandemic and looming recession at hand? First step, examine your core. Read more.

Make it a merry Christmas.

Jolly ol' Saint Nick is just around the corner. Do you have your promotional activities sorted? Read more.

Solving beautiful [marketing] problems

When most people think marketing services, consultancies or agencies, they think one (or all) of the following: expensive, graphic design, website design or social media services. Not us. Read more.

Selling your story: Getting it just right

Selling anything is difficult. There's heaps of noise out there: other brands with bigger wallets shouting for audience attention, influencers with deep followings being paid to share their experiences 'authentically'. Read more.

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Better marketing with MLAB

Creating an effective brand and successful advertising material requires more than just a pretty wrapper. You can end up spending time and [a lot] of money trying to sell your services and eventually you’ll get a sale. But as we like to say, advertising without a marketing plan and a strong brand story is like driving your car blindfolded. Eventually you’ll hit something (yikes) and will you end up where you wanted to go? Read more.

The Importance of Sorry

When a market is hot, it’s easy to think you don’t need to invest in customer service. Perhaps there’s an underlying feeling that all you need to do is complete the job. Ironically this is the time to invest most in building positive perceptions about your brand, driving brand trust forward and ensuring you have a good reputation for service as well as product. Here's why. Read more.

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Why websites?

Why do we work on a lot of websites for clients? Are we really website developers in disguise? Erm… [emphatically] no. Read more.

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