Better marketing with MLAB

Creating an effective brand and successful advertising material requires more than just a pretty wrapper. You can end up spending time and [a lot] of money trying to sell your services and eventually you’ll get a sale. But as we like to say, advertising without a marketing plan and a strong brand story is like driving your car blindfolded. Eventually you’ll hit something (yikes) and will you end up where you wanted to go?

We believe in designing baseline marketing plans that can grow as you grow. In building a strong brand story that not only explains what you do but simply and effectively conveys why others – your team, your customers – should care.

These are what we call the foundations of marketing.

They’re the structure that you build everything else off. When done right they can live with your business for a long time.

A strong marketing foundation is one that’s well considered, based on commercial realities and creative enough to set you apart. It allows you to run a business in the direction you want to go – whether you want to scale to 10x or sell in the next five years or create a legacy for your kids.

Once you understand your brand (or what you want people to think about your business), it’s that much easier to do all the other stuff: work out which channels to use, what to charge, whether you need a website or social media, what the purpose of any website will be, how to get people to your website…even down to which systems or processes should you consider to ensure your brand promise remains true.

Every brief you then give a specialist – be it videographer, designer, developer, SEO Expert – those briefs are elevated because when a strong brand position, you know what you want to achieve. And the response you get? We guarantee it’s elevated too. You’ll spend less time going back and forward, and more time getting the best results from specialists, first time.

It’s easy enough to find a standard ‘best practices’ guide online for marketing and follow that. Which is definitely a solid approach and can give you options to consider but not every business is the same. Not every audience is the same.

Your motivations for being in business, your audience, your way of operating – none of these will ever be covered fully by any generic set of guidelines.

Our approach is to get to grips fully with your business. To understand exactly what you need to achieve, now and into the future. We then help you build a brand that conveys why you are different to your competitors or other offerings in the market. We help you translate this into a sales pitch that engages and connects with your  audience. We build you a plan that you can use this year and give you tools that you can use every year after that.

You’ll go from wondering whether your marketing efforts are working, to knowing that your marketing is designed to achieve your goals, whatever they might be.



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