Together we’ve had almost half a century of experience both client and agency side.

We’ve built strategies and implemented cool campaigns for some of New Zealand’s biggest brands.

But at the end of the day, we’re only ever as good as our last job*.

*Which, by the way, was awesome.

THIS IS USeful info about us

Michegro Chisholm

Laser sharp and lightning quick, Michegro is an award-winning marketing strategist.

The depth and breadth of her commercial experience is matched only by her innate astuteness and boundless creativity.

She’s also wickedly funny and a demon on the D floor.

Kelly Brown

Fastidious, detailed and centered. Kelly does pricing, product design and packages perfectly.

Having built and sold businesses and as a co-owner of two currently, Kelly understands and gets small business.

She also has an incredibly infectious zest for life.

Our story starts here

A long, long time ago, two marketers were born into the world of corporate and advertising.

They built their skills from the ground up, taking leading brands to market, selling stories and implementing time-saving, cost-saving marketing systems.

One day they said “hey, why aren’t small New Zealand businesses using the same techniques or getting the same success as the big guys?

And they realised it was because marketing wasn’t part of the landscape for small businesses – advertising was, but not marketing. It was a bit like watching someone drive a car blind-folded.

So they set out to change that. They created The Marketing Lab to give people real-world, practical strategies for their business – not for every business – that would propel their sales and marketing activities forward.

This is The Marketing Lab – where creative ideas are met by considered planning and balanced against commercial realities.